Michael Crofford is a Houston native and Crossfit guru. He brings over 10 years of competitive crossfit experience. His love and passion for fitness have compelled him to help others reach their true potential. Prior to crossfit, he was a professional NASCAR driver and spent time on the road before returning to Texas. He loves team sports and you can still find him playing on a professional Rugby team, right here in Houston. He loves live music and his pup Jax.



Emily-Frances McAdams is originally from Austin, Texas. She is a graduate of Texas Christian University and has a Masters from the University of Houston. She spent a significant amount of time in DC before moving to Houston. Her personal experience battling weight loss prompted her to help advocate others to overcome their hurdles and get results. Prior to Crossfit, you would find her in the dance studio or in a pool, competitively swimming. She has over 10 years in personal training and 6 years in group fitness. She currently loves spending time with her husband and two daughters.



Gilly Rosen is originally from Long Island (Kings Point), NY. She is a graduate of Vassar and has a Phd from University of Florida. She moved to Houston from New York in 2008, as a petroleum geologist. She is a former collegiate diver (Vassar) and gymnast. You can find her running, biking, and joining every race there is. She has competed the last two years in Wodapalooza, in Florida, a nationally known Crossfit Competition. She has two super cute dogs, and enjoys spending time with her husband and furbies.