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Welcome To
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At Paper Street CrossFit, we understand that our athletes have various athletic backgrounds and fitness goals. Our Bootcamp/CrossFit Lite class has been designed for the athlete looking to lose weight, tone muscle, and have a good time doing it!

We know that Bootcamp/CrossFit Lite is the perfect way to feel out Crossfit, without the technical barbell lifts. We hope to ease you back into your fitness journey, build self confidence, and get you back in shape!

Paper Street Crossfit is dedicated to developing athletes of all levels. This includes competitors who desire to maximize their innate athletic ability, and in doing so, compete at an advanced or elite level. Paper Street’s Competition Coach is Michael Crofford, who has personal experience competing at the Regional Level. He has countless hours training and working alongside competitive athletes.

At Paper Street CrossFit, we specialize in small group training. We cap our classes at 12 athletes per class to ensure our athletes have a personalized and safe experience. Our CrossFit programming is designed to enhance daily functional movements and improve performance over 10 different fitness domains: cardio-respiratory endurance, stamina, strength, flexibility, power, speed, coordination, agility, balance and accuracy.

Your body composition is 80% of what you eat and 20% of your physical activity. Naturally, nutrition is a key element we focus on at Paper Street CrossFit. If you want to dial in your nutrition and would like some guidance and support, we are here to help!

​Our performance coaching programs are designed around individual athlete’s needs. We believe in both food quality and appropriate macronutrient balance.

Understanding that training needs and schedules vary by athlete, we offer individual sessions based on our coaches availability. Programming for individual sessions will be developed based on goals set with athlete.

If you are brand new to CrossFit, we want to ensure your introduction is both fun and safe. We require all athletes new to CrossFit to start with a 1-month Fundamental Course. The course starts at the beginning of each month. See below for our Fundamental Schedule.

Fundamental athletes are required to attend 1 fundamental class a week, as our curriculum builds week to week. Athletes are welcome and encouraged to attend our main CrossFit class during this month to gain experience and get a sweat on. Daily WODs will be modified around the athlete’s progress.

Yoga is a phenomenal compliment to Crossfit. It allows the opportunity to build core, work on core stabilization, and stretch your tired muscles. Our yoga instructors are RYT certified and come with over 200 hours of instructor experience and additional hours of instruction at yoga studios.

Your First
Class is FREE

Your First Class is FREE



South Central Strength & Conditioning home of Paper Street CrossFit is a fitness coaching facility located in Midtown/4th Ward of Houston, Texas. Our mission is to develop a community of healthy and happy Houstonians through fitness, nutrition, and friendly competition. We believe that by implementing the CrossFit prescription of performing constantly varied, functional movements, at high intensity, everyone can achieve fitness levels never thought possible. Regardless of your athletic background or your current physical state, CrossFit is a suitable program for you through its modifiable nature.

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Our facility

Built in the 1900’s, our 3,000 sq/ft facility has character unlike any other box in the area.

Our open floor plan allows for ample workout space while our 44 ft. rig offers multiple squat racks and gymnastic stations. We have 2 bathrooms with a shower in each, available for athlete use.

Facility and equipment cleanliness is of utmost importance. We pride ourselves as being recognized by DisInFx as a Germ-Safe CertifiedTM facility. Utilizing DisInFx’s fog applied anti-microbial coating , we are confident that every square foot is protected.

Parking is available in front of facility as well as on any surrounding side street. Bike rack is also available!